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After his post received less attention than Biden’s, Elon Musk vowed to fire Twitter engineers

According to reports, Musk instructed programmers to modify Twitter’s algorithm to increase engagement.

After his tweets during the Super Bowl received less interaction than those of president Joe Biden, Elon Musk allegedly threatened to fire Twitter’s programmers.

Mr. Biden tweeted a video of first lady Jill Biden supporting the Philadelphia Eagles during the Sunday game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Mr. Musk likewise expressed support for the same team in a since-deleted tweet.

According to Platformers Zo Schiffer and Casey Newton, while the US president’s tweet received roughly 29 million impressions, Elon Musk’s post only received about 9 million.

The company’s remaining engineers were then apparently given the go-ahead by the Twitter CEO to modify the platform so that his tweets would receive higher levels of interaction.

Platformer stated, citing insiders with knowledge of the situation, that Mr. Musk traveled to the Bay Area, home of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, to meet with his team in person.

According to the report, Mr. Musk’s aides threatened the remaining engineering team members with job loss if the engagement problem wasn’t “solved.”

Twitter reportedly changed on Monday to “greenlight” Mr. Musk’s posts, allowing them to escape the platform’s filters that aim to present users with the best content possible.

Platformer claimed that after Mr. Musk’s visit, Twitter’s developers worked all night to make sure that the company’s CEO’s tweets were artificially “boosted by a factor of 1,000” over those of other users.

The new report is also consistent with recent user complaints that posts from the Tesla CEO have clogged their feeds.

At first, Mr. Musk even made light of the issue by mocking his posts being imposed on users in a tweet.

Later, he stated that Twitter was fixing a glitch that prevented 95% of his tweets from “being delivered at all.”

According to reports, the programmers of the microblogging platform suggested that Mr. Musk’s reach may have been diminished since so many users have just blocked and muted him.

Platformer reported on February 10 that Mr. Musk had fired a Twitter developer who had informed him that his tweets were losing their appeal.

“This is absurd… According to the story, the Tesla CEO claimed, “I have more than 100 million followers, yet I’m only receiving tens of thousands of impressions.”

The engineer heard Mr. Musk say, “You’re fired, you’re fired.”

After Twitter users were inundated with his messages without asking, Elon Musk responds

Rumors surround the flurry of uninvited posts. The CEO of Twitter is worried more and more that people are growing disinterested in him.

Elon Musk promised to “make changes” after Twitter users complained about receiving too many of his messages.

Many Twitter users have recently complained that Mr. Musk’s messages have taken up a large portion of their feeds. The posts, which frequently consisted of user answers, sometimes even showed on accounts that weren’t even following Mr. Musk.

Some even claimed that there wasn’t a single tweet in their news feed that hadn’t come from Twitter’s CEO due to the post-storm.

Initially, Mr. Musk had made light of the situation by uploading a graphic making fun of the idea that users were being compelled to view his messages.

He decided to make improvements to address the issue a few hours later.

After saying at the weekend that he had ordered engineers to improve the exposure of his tweets, Mr. Musk started posting more frequently. He claimed that due to a service being overloaded, 95% of his tweets were “not getting delivered at all” until Twitter fixed the issue.

If that work was connected to the recent issue of posts being put into people’s feeds, Mr. Musk did not specify. But the issues appeared quickly after, indicating they might be connected to the adjustments.

The revisions were sent in response to a report that stated Elon Musk had voiced concern about the decline in interaction on his posts. According to a story, the CEO of Twitter even dismissed an engineer who had stated that the reason for the decreased interest in his tweets might be that people are less interested in him or have a negative opinion of him.

While Mr. Musk has already tweeted several critical messages, he has not yet responded to that report.

According to a source, Elon Musk fired a Twitter programmer because people were no longer interested in his tweets

The report arrives as the Twitter CEO is having a difficult time.

According to a Platformer story, Elon Musk dismissed a Twitter developer after they informed him that his followers were losing interest in his tweets.

According to the tech journal, the CEO of Twitter, who acquired the social media behemoth for $44 billion in October of last year, was reportedly preoccupied with the decreasing number of views on his tweets for weeks before convening a meeting of advisors and engineers to address the issue.

According to Platformer, which quoted “several people with intimate knowledge of the meeting,” he said, “This is ludicrous.”

According to the article, Mr. Musk said, “I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only receiving tens of thousands of impressions.”

Then, one of the company’s key engineers reportedly told Mr. Musk that there was a very straightforward explanation for his shifting opinions: people weren’t as interested in him. The engineer stressed that there was no algorithmic bias against him.

The engineer, whose name was withheld by Platformer due to “the hostility Musk has aimed at former Twitter employees,” was reportedly told by Mr. Musk, “You’re fired, you’re fired.”

The publication of the report comes at a trying time for the social network, which has already experienced a significant outage and drawn criticism from the European Union for its lack of transparency in the fight against misinformation.

Platformer earlier stated that in January 2023, as a result of a flurry of modifications made by Mr. Musk that led to an uptick in hate speech and misinformation, Twitter’s daily income was down 40% year over year. These adjustments included widespread layoffs from departments around the globe, including content moderation, and the reinstatement of accounts previously banned from the platform and belonging to the neo-Nazi movement.



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