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At Super Bowl 57, the tragedy that led to the imprisonment of Andy Reid’s son cannot be disregarded

Although the Andy Reid vs. Eagles plot is interesting, it is impossible to ignore the tragedy his son created two years ago when he gravely harmed a girl who was five years old at the time.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona During a midweek media event with the Kansas City Chiefs coach at the team’s Super Bowl hotel, you would have learned Andy Reid’s favorite Mexican cuisine, if you so happened to be curious.

Some of the press conferences leading up to the Super Bowl can be quite the spectacle and entertaining hype fest. And the cheery Reid can join in with the best of them.

When asked to list his top three rappers, the coach said no, it wasn’t Bill Belichick on the stage.

Can the Fat Boys be considered one rapper? The audience in attendance started laughing when Reid responded.

Reid’s coffee-drinking technique was also questioned. He refuses to.

For a fat guy, he said, “I’ve got boundless energy.”

The cheeseburger he prefers? The picture is clear. There is a lot of filler.

No one thought to bring up the horrific tragedy that happened three days before the Chiefs’ last appearance in the Super Bowl in February 2021 during the two Reid sessions I attended this week, which were attended by scores of journalists from throughout the nation and abroad. Or the aftermath of an accident caused by the son of a then-Chiefs assistant coach, Reid, who was intoxicated, in which Ariel Young, a 5-year-old girl, was left fighting for her life.

Reid is one of Super Bowl 57’s most captivating storylines, in large part due to the game between his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he led for 14 years. Reid has a perfect record versus the Eagles since continuing his Hall of Fame-eligible career in Kansas City, and he readily realizes the emotional significance of the game on Sunday at State Farm Stadium between the two groups that tied for the NFL’s best record this year.

As soon as the play begins, it’s football, according to Reid. Who has the superior team? superior athletes? improved coaches? Who gets a break now and then? all the typical events that take place throughout a football game.

Even though it seems like the Chiefs and the NFL would like it to just go away, the tragedy that overshadowed Kansas City’s last Super Bowl appearance should not be overlooked.

After entering a guilty plea to felony driving while drunk and causing serious bodily injury, Britt Reid is currently serving a three-year sentence in jail. He was the linebackers coach for the Chiefs at the time. On the evening of February 4, he allegedly left the team’s offices after drinking alcohol, according to court documents. He then allegedly drove his truck into two stationary cars that were parked next to Arrowhead Stadium on the shoulder of I-435. About two hours later, he had a serum blood alcohol content of 0.113, which is significantly higher than the Missouri limit of 0.08. He acknowledged mixing alcohol and the prescription medication Adderall with an officer while driving his vehicle at 84 mph in a 65 mph zone, according to the police.

Young sustained a catastrophic brain injury after being pinned behind the driver’s seat while seated in the back of one of the automobiles that Reid hit. She spent two months in the hospital and 11 days in a coma. We praise God that she lived. Although Young’s condition has improved, Young’s mother, Felicia Miller, told the court during Reid’s sentencing hearing in November that she will have to live with the effects of the collision for the rest of her life even though her daughter’s condition has improved.

The fact that the young girl is doing well is a plus. “Much better,” Andy Reid said to the associated sports channel. “That’s the one good part about this whole event,”

Following one of his media appearances this week, Reid, who has consistently been among the NFL’s most likable and personable coaches, answered a few inquiries. Surely that wasn’t the best topic for him as he gears up to coach in his third Super Bowl in four seasons. But considering his prominent position in the public eye and the link to his employment with the Chiefs, it’s fair game.

Additionally, Reid’s approach to adversity has contributed to the example he has established as a coach and leader, gaining him a great deal of respect and compassion.

Frank Clark, a defensive end, said to a sports reporter when asked what he had learned about Coach Reid during the crisis before the previous Super Bowl: “The primary thing I learned about Coach Reid was just his grit.” His resolve to persevere in any circumstance

The NFL has not publicly released any findings from the review, despite having previously stated that it would do so under the auspices of its conduct policy, which it vigorously upholds in matters involving players. This week, the NFL also chose not to respond to a request for comment from an associated channel.

The Chiefs and Young’s family entered into an undisclosed deal that addresses Young’s medical bills as well as, perhaps, additional costs.

Reid, who lost his son Garrett to an accidental heroin overdose in 2012 while serving on his father’s coaching staff with the Eagles, signed Britt to his Chiefs staff even though he had no experience—just one year of high school coaching—and little to no credentials. The hiring that resulted in Britt joining the Chiefs raises serious questions about privilege, just as the terms of the plea-bargained sentence infuriated the agreement family. Britt’s background included past jail time related to drug misuse, a road rage incident, and drug rehab treatment when he joined the Chiefs.

The kind deeds Reid did to assist his kid were admirable, just as when he gave Michael Vick a second chance after the famous quarterback served his time for dog fighting. However, Britt’s chance—which many eligible candidates never get—failed to pan out.

According to Reid, Britt will serve his sentence before returning and getting back on his feet.

It must be difficult for him to keep the non-football aspects of the tragedy separate from his job.

Reid advised you to put forth your best effort. “Absolutely. “Life includes everything.”

When Reid lost his son, Garrett, while leading the Eagles, he returned to his job a few days later. Britt’s car accident was certainly a different situation, but it required Reid to compartmentalize on the eve of coaching in one of his most important games.



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