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Joseph Biden pays a surprise visit to Ukraine before the anniversary of the Russian invasion

Before the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of the nation, President Joe Biden paid a surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday.

Since Russia’s conflict began a year ago this week, it is Biden’s first trip to the war-torn nation. It arrived just before he was to leave for a three-day trip to Poland.

“Welcome to Kyiv, Joe Biden!” Volodymyr Zelenskky, the president of Ukraine, posted a message on his official Telegram channel. “Your visit is a crucial show of solidarity with all Ukrainians,”

Security reasons prompted the secrecy of the visit. Additionally, it was symbolically given that Ukraine has been fervently pleading with the United States for more weapons to aid it in retaliating against Russian aggression as the war moves into an uncharted new phase.

There are few, if any, instances of a US president visiting a region that is engaged in fighting without US troops present.

Russian leaders may be preparing a significant new offensive scheduled for close to the war’s anniversary, Ukrainian officials have been hinting for weeks.

Biden announces a security package worth $500 million

During the visit, Biden offered an additional $500 million in security support for Ukraine and promised to provide more information soon. More military hardware, such as artillery ammo, more anti-tank missile systems called Javelins, and long-range artillery pieces called Howitzers, according to him, will be included in the package. He didn’t seem to mention any novel pieces of gear that Ukraine has never received before. More penalties on Russia will be announced this week, according to Biden.

Outside of Kyiv’s St. Michael’s, a monastery with a gilded dome, Biden was seen strolling alongside Zelenskky. A short while afterward, the capital of Ukraine was rocked by air raid sirens. The complex of sky-blue and golden structures that make up the cathedral has long been a representation of Ukrainian resistance. In 2013, its priests provided refuge to pro-Western demonstrators who had been physically assaulted by police acting on a president with Moscow support.

“Putin believed Ukraine was frail and the West was divided when he began his assault almost a year ago. He believed he might outlive us all. But he was completely wrong “In a tweet, Biden stated.

The White House stated last week that Biden has no intentions of entering Ukraine from Poland as part of his tour there. A day before Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to deliver a speech in which he may outline Russia’s objectives for the second year of the invasion he began on February 24 of last year, he paid a visit to Kyiv.

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Where does Biden plan to go? 

In Warsaw, Biden will remain. Poland is a crucial ally, having given Ukraine $3.8 billion in aid and taking in 1.5 Ukrainian refugees during the war.

What is Biden’s schedule?

To discuss Poland’s logistical role in delivering military assistance to Ukraine and joint measures to strengthen deterrence efforts across the NATO alliance, Biden will meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday. To reiterate US support for the alliance’s security, he also planned to meet with partners on NATO’s eastern flank on Wednesday.

Speech by Biden is scheduled:

On Tuesday, the day before the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden planned to deliver a speech. According to the White House, he will speak on how the United States inspired the rest of the world to stand with the Ukrainian people as they protect their independence and democracy.

Best takeouts

Just a few days remain till the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, Biden’s trip to Poland. On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded its neighbor without warning, starting the biggest war in Europe since World War II. The war still hasn’t ended after a year.

To punish Russia for its actions and mobilize international support for Ukraine, Biden has worked. The United States has bombarded Russia with sanctions meant to destroy its economy and has given Ukraine billions of dollars in military and economic support. For instance, Biden announced the transfer of 31 Abrams tanks last month to energize European allies and block a predicted Russian spring offensive.

But, the Biden administration has not made any mention of sending Ukraine F-16 fighter jets, despite Zelenskyy’s current demands. On January 31, when asked if the United States intended to send warplanes, Biden responded, “No.

American fatigue with the war in Ukraine

Americans seem to be getting sick of helping Ukraine out financially and with arms.

According to a poll conducted last week by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 48% of those polled in the United States support the U.S. arming Ukraine, 29% oppose it, and 22% said they are unsure. Less than three months into the conflict, in May 2022, 60% of US adults said they supported arming Ukraine.

Zelenskyy visited Washington in December to meet with Biden at the White House. He then spoke before Congress, praising the US for its assistance while emphasizing that more was required. Earlier this month, Zelenskyy also visited with European leaders to express gratitude for their help and request additional pledges.

President Biden’s second visit to Poland

In less than a year, Biden has visited Poland twice, including this one. Biden visited Warsaw in March of last year, only a few weeks after the conflict in Ukraine erupted, to represent a unified front of American allies against Russian aggression. Children who requested him to “say a prayer for my dad or my grandfather or my brother” were among the Ukrainian migrants he also spoke with.

The most notable part of the address was the conclusion when Biden declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” at a speech at Warsaw’s Royal Palace. The comment was soon walked back by Biden’s advisers, who insisted that the president was not advocating for regime change. Yet, several observers hypothesized that Biden might have been speaking aloud what he is thinking.

What is being said by the White House

The audience for Biden: Biden will speak to Americans, Poles, and other allies, according to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby. You’ll probably hear him message both Mr. Putin and the Russian people, too.

With no end in sight: “Putin only needs to withdraw his soldiers to put an end to the conflict, Kirby remarked. He hasn’t demonstrated any signs of being ready to accomplish that.”

Neglecting criticism: Kirby dismissed the idea that support for Ukraine is eroding and dismissed detractors as a small minority of “Republicans in the House, and that all American aid has been “in full consultation and coordination with Congress.” No such thing as a blank check exists. Together, we’re all working on it.” 



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