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Dove Bulletin Media is a news-based PR/Media firm aimed at distributing and broadcasting content on politics, entertainment, metro plus, health, lifestyle, sports, world news and more.

We connect you to Nigeria and the whole world, wherever you are. Get the latest headlines and original stories from Nigeria and around the globe. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news and video.

Vision Statement:

To be the most preferred online news and entertainment media in the world.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to keep you busy on our website with news and entertainment updates.

The Value Proposition:

Parents are worried about what TV, radio and the internet have in-store as their children in terms of entertainment. We would deliver classic, trendy news, entertainment, politics and more.

For artists, events and brand; we promote and publicize their brand and works thereby giving them the publicity they need.

We help them coordinate the sales of their media content online and on mobile devices.

About Dove Bulletin

Dove Bulletin was established in July 2015 by Adekitan Oluwafunso (also known as Funso Dove) first on blogger, subsequently the domain Dovebulletin.com was acquired in July 2016. The Word Dove Bulletin is a combination of the words ‘Dove’ and ‘Bulletin’. 

The name was coined by Adekitan Oluwafunso back in school, Lead City University.

His vision was to create a media platform that people can read news and entertainment.
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