Home NEWS Tom Sizemore: Actor from Saving Private Ryan passes away at age 61 from a brain aneurysm

Tom Sizemore: Actor from Saving Private Ryan passes away at age 61 from a brain aneurysm

Tom Sizemore: Actor from Saving Private Ryan passes away at age 61 from a brain aneurysm

US actor Tom Sizemore, well known for his work in Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, has passed away at 61, according to his manager.

Sizemore rose to reputation in the 1990s by frequently portraying strong males in supporting roles—typically, the military, police, or criminals. Heat, Pearl Harbor, and Natural Born Killers were among his other filmography credits.

Yet he also struggled with drug abuse and spent time in prison for domestic abuse.

Sizemore had been in a coma since February 18, when a brain aneurysm ruptured.

His manager, Charles Lago, said he died on Friday at a hospital in Burbank, California, surrounded by his brother Paul and twin boys Jayden and Jagger, both 17 years old.

The numerous letters of support have brought solace to the Sizemore family, according to Lago.

He claimed that Sizemore’s sons were upset and pleaded for their privacy.

“I am extremely devastated by the passing of my big brother Tom,” his brother Paul Sizemore remarked. The man was enormous. More than anyone I know, he has had an impact on my life.

He was gifted, kind, and generous, and his wit and storytelling prowess could keep you amused for hours.

Sizemore, who was up in a working-class neighborhood of Detroit, earned a master’s degree in theatre before getting his big break in 1989 with a small role in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July.

More significant parts in dramas from the 1990s including Tony Scott’s True Romance, Devil in a Blue Dress (with Denzel Washington), and Wyatt Earp (with Kevin Costner) resulted from that work.

As the brutal Detective Jack Scagnetti in the contentious Natural Born Killers, Stone once again cast him. He also appeared in Heat as the criminal’s henchman.

He acted as the devoted Sergeant Horvath alongside Tom Hanks in the 1998 Oscar-winning movie Saving Private Ryan.

Sizemore provided the voice of mafia boss Sonny Forelli in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002 and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as a gangster in the 1999 television film Witness Protection.

He revealed in his book his addictions to heroin and crystal meth, which came with fame, wealth, and a serious drug habit.

He recalled how De Niro threatened to have Sizemore “arrested for heroin possession” if he didn’t enter a treatment facility during one of his rehabs stays in 1995. Sizemore went into rehab.

Steven Spielberg, the director of Saving Private Ryan, reportedly threatened to terminate the actor at the first indication of drug use and have the movie reshot without him.

Sizemore, though, had trouble staying tidy. Other “personal demons” were also present.

He was detained in 1997 on allegations of beating his tennis player and actress wife Maeve Quinlan. Two years later, they separated.

He received a six-month prison sentence in 2003 for assaulting Heidi Fleiss, a former Hollywood heiress, and also had to go through additional therapy and anger management.

Ms. Fleiss claimed that he allegedly made more than 70 obscenity-laced phone calls, knocked her to the ground outside his house, and stubbed out a cigarette on her.

He claimed that he had “let my inner demons take control of my life” at the time.

After being discovered attempting to falsify the results of a drug test in 2005 by using a prosthetic penis, he was sent back to jail for breaking the terms of his probation. Prosecutors claim that Sizemore had previously been captured attempting to deploy a similar gadget.

He was arrested for drunk driving and sentenced to 16 months in prison for breaking the terms of his probation two years later.

In his 2013 book, Sizemore stated, “I was a guy who’d come from very little and gotten to the top.

“The multi-million dollar home, the Porsche, and the restaurant I co-owned with Robert De Niro were all mine. And right then, I had nothing.”

He wrote, “I’ve had an eventful life. But I’m unable to express how much I’d give to be the unknown man.

Shooting Sizemore, a documentary series that premiered in 2007, followed Sizemore’s battle to restore his life and profession.

While he was never able to recapture the parts he had in the 1990s, he did recently star in the Netflix blockbuster Cobra Kai and the 2017 relaunch of David Lynch’s iconic TV series Twin Peaks.

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore is an American actor and producer, born on November 29, 1961, in Detroit, Michigan. He has appeared in many popular films throughout his career, including “Saving Private Ryan,” “Black Hawk Down,” “Heat,” and “Natural Born Killers.”

Sizemore began his acting career in the 1980s, appearing in small roles in television shows and movies. In the 1990s, he started to gain recognition for his performances in films such as “True Romance” and “Natural Born Killers.” However, he also struggled with drug addiction and legal issues, which led to him being arrested multiple times.

Despite his troubles, Sizemore continued to act in films and television shows throughout the 2000s and 2010s, including in the television series “Shooter” and the film “The Duel.” He has also made appearances, in reality, television shows such as “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”

Sizemore’s acting career has been marked by both critical acclaim and controversy, but he remains a respected and recognizable figure in Hollywood.

Tom Sizemore’s career in Hollywood has been marked by many notable performances in popular films and television shows. Here are some more details about his career:

In the early 1990s, Sizemore appeared in several films directed by Oliver Stone, including “Born on the Fourth of July” and “Natural Born Killers.” He also had a small but memorable role in Quentin Tarantino’s “True Romance.”

One of Sizemore’s most famous roles was in Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan” (1998), in which he played a sergeant in the United States Army during World War II. The film was a critical and commercial success, and Sizemore’s performance was praised by many critics.

Sizemore has also worked extensively in television, appearing in shows such as “Hawaii Five-0,” “CSI: Miami,” and “Crash.” He had a recurring role on the hit drama series “Twin Peaks” in 2017.

In addition to acting, Sizemore has worked as a producer on several films, including “The Genius Club” (2006) and “Durant’s Never Closes” (2016).

Sizemore has had several well-publicized personal struggles, including drug addiction and legal issues. He has been arrested multiple times and has spoken publicly about his efforts to overcome addiction and rebuild his career.

Despite his challenges, Tom Sizemore remains a talented and respected actor in Hollywood, known for his intense performances and his ability to bring complex characters to life on screen.


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